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The second edition of the book "Supernova"

For the second edition of "Supernova", the author has chosen poems and placed them into a story to be told. The light black and white imaging, different from the first edition, is in a subtle connection with poems.

The first edition of the book "Supernova":

"Supernova" is a book of poems by a young Canadian poet. He writes about life, love and fight. His thoughts are clear, the rhymes are flawless, and the elegance of style helps to reveal the deep meaning of poems. Written to be read. The images in the book are there to keep readers' perception in a light and unitrusive way.


Miss Lumley very much enjoyed reading the beautiful poems in this book - she found them thought-provoking and full of beautiful imagery.

From Joanna Lumley, actress, author, and a human rights activist. London, UK.

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