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Laser Micromachining

Femtosecond laser micromachining of glass: a sample view and a temperature distribution view

The Laser Micromachining Simulator is a unique computer modelling package designed for:
  • Laser/matter interaction analysis (melting, evaporation, ablation, etc.)
  • Simulation of real laser micromachining and laser welding processes
  • Training and education

This is the first avalable on the market application which provides full integration of three main processes:
  • The focused laser beam propagation with absorption in the material
  • Heat generation and heat diffusion
  • Material phase transitions including evaporation and ablation

  • Customer-oriented package versions (command-line, GUI, etc.)
  • Input of model parameters: laser and material parameters, laser beam translation control
  • Simulation process includes: laser beam attenuation, absorption and local heat generation; heat diffusion and phase transitions of the material; material removal
  • Results of the simulation are presented in various formats: data files, images, video clips, graphs (several typical examples are presented here). These results are: temporal dependence of the surface modification, and temperature 3D map; laser-machinned feature 3D images and video clips
  • Laser Micromachining image and video gallery

Download trial versionTo request the full version of the model contact Dr. Yuri Yashkir